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Europe in 2029

MeottiGeneva, Brussels and Hague: Europe puts Israel under siege2020-02-14
Israel National News
BenariCzech Foreign Minister: Hamas fully responsible for deaths of Gazans2018-05-25
Israel National News
MeottiIs the UK Overthrowing the Christian Basis of the West?2017-12-18
Gatestone Institute
GlickEurope's war against the Jewish state2017-12-11
Jerusalem Post
Kedar20 reasons why every foreign embassy should move to Jerusalem2017-12-07
Israel National News
PhillipsBritain’s alarming antisemitism problem2017-09-15
Jerusalem Post
MalnickTony Blair's Middle East envoy work secretly bankrolled by wealthy Arab state2017-08-13
The Telegraph
GlickBDS movement: flagship of the diplomatic war against Israel2015-06-04
Jerusalem Post
HenleyAntisemitism on rise across Europe 'in worst times since the Nazis'2014-08-07
The Guardian
GlickEuropean Courts in the service of Israel's Destruction2010-07-05
Jerusalem Post
SharpeThe Two-State Solution of Britain is 87 Years Old2009-03-29
American Thinker
WildersIslamization of Europe2008-08-25
VineyardLetter to German Bishops2007-03-07
BedeinKaare Kristiansen: A friend of Israel2005-12-04
FarahFrench solution: Paristinian state2005-11-08
RodriguezAll European Life Died In Auschwitz2005-09-23
MilliereFrance is Almost Finished2003-04-10
FrontPage Magazine
WilliamsFrance: Vulture of the world2003-03-29
MagisterIs Europe a Province of Islam?
The Danger is Called Dhimmitude
ZuckermanA shameful contagion of antisemitism in Europe2002-10-07
U.S. News & World Report
FallaciAntisemitism in Europe Today2002-04-12
Corriere Della Sera

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