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The Portrayal of Israel and of the Jew in the Palestinian Authority School Textbooks

The following examples were taken directly from school textbooks or other educational materials approved by the Palestinian Authority. The textbooks were examined by the Center for the Monitoring of the Impact of Peace (CMIP). In the words of the researchers, "The results of this study are dismaying. They show that these publications aim to teach the young to hate the Jews in general and Israel in particular."

Second Grade

2nd Grade textbookStudy of "A Poem on Palestine" by Mahmoud Al-Shalabi:For me, the promise of Martyrdom is my song. From Jerusalem, I'll build my ladder towards eternity."
Our Arabic Language, Grade 2

The teacher must briefly develop a thought on Palestine, for instance:Arab hearts are devoted to Palestine; they wait for the day when they will be able to liberate it, to throw out the aggressor thief and return to Jerusalem.
Teacher Handbook, Our Arabic Language, Grade 2

Third Grade

Build a sentence containing the following words:?dies as a Martyr, to defend, our hero, the Homeland?
Our Arabic Language, Grade 3

The teacher must ask the following questions:Who occupies Jerusalem today? What is our duty towards Jerusalem?
Teacher's Guide, Our Arabic Language, Grade 3

Fourth Grade

I think that the Jews are the enemies of the Prophet and the believers.

Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and one should beware of them.
Islamic Religious Education, Grade 4, pg. 67, 87

Fifth Grade

5th Grade textbookMy son, know that Palestine is your country?and that its earth is soaked with the blood of the Martyrs.

The final and inexorable outcome shall be the victory of the Muslims over the Jews.

Questions for text comprehension:4. Name 4 glorious battles that took place on the soil of Palestine?7. Why must we fight the Jews and throw them out of our country?Our Arabic Language, Grade 5, pgs. 64-67

In the following sentence, find the subject and the complement:The Jihad is a religious duty for all Muslims.
Our Arabic Language, Grade 5, p. 70

Sixth Grade

Essay:2. Write six lines wherein you explain to your friends the merit of Jihad for Allah.At the end of the lesson, the student must be able to:

Speak for two minutes on the subject "The merit of Jihad for Allah."

Develop the above subject on three to five written paragraphs

Respect the Jihad fighters and ask Allah to have pity for the ones who die

Be guided by the Jihad fighters who fought for Allah

Teacher's Guide, Our Arabic Language, Grade 6, pg. 62

Objectives: 4. [The student] must learn about the conspiracies of the Jews against the Prophets of Allah.
Teacher's Guide, Islamic Education, Grade 6, pg. 111

Seventh Grade

7th grade textbook[The student] must wish to become one of Allah's Martyrs.
Teacher's Guide, Islamic Education, Grade 7, p. 301

4. Why do the Jews hate Muslim unity and want to cause divisions among them?
5. From events happening today, give an example of the evil attempts of the Jews.
Islamic Education, Grade 7, pgs. 16-19

Mother, I will soon leave, prepare the shroud
Mother, I am heading for death?I will not falter
Mother, do not cry for me if I fall
For death does not frighten me, and my destiny is to die in martyrdom
Our Arabic Language, Grade 7, pg. 63

Eighth Grade

8th grade textbookAs was decided by the League of Nations in 1929, the Al-Burq wall is the South-Western wall of the Al-Asqa Mosque. The Jews state that this site is theirs, and they call it "the Wailing Wall;" but this is not true.
Reading and Literary texts, Grade 8, p. 103

The Muslim sacrifices himself for his faith and fights a Jihad for Allah. He does not know cowardice because he understands that the time of his death is already ordained and that his dying as a Martyr in the field of battle is preferable to dying in bed.
Islamic Education Grade 8, p. 176

Ninth Grade

Write in your exercise books:
An event showing the fanaticism of the Jews in Palestine against Muslims or Christians.
Islamic Education, Grade 9, pg. 182

From the Uhud expedition and the episode with the [Jewish] tribe of Al-Nadir, a number of lessons can be learned:
6. Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should beware of them.
Islamic Education, Grade 9, p. 86-87.

Tenth Grade

10th grade textbookThe student shall acquire the following values:

Fight imperialism in all of its forms.

Be guided by the actions of the Jihad Arab fighters.

Teacher's Guide, Modern Arab History and Contemporary Problems, Grade 10, p. 11

Martyrdom is life.
Reading and Literary Texts, Grade 10, p. 171

Eleventh Grade

4. Be guided by the Muslim Jihad in order to liberate the Muslim land from the thieves.
Teacher handbook, Islamic Culture, Grade 11, pg 168

Values and Direction:

Abhor the malicious Imperialists and Zionists that caused the theft of Palestine and the expulsion of its people.

Respect the effort undertaken to liberate Palestine from Zionist conquest.

Adopt the positions taken by the religious thinkers and [military] leaders regarding Jihad as a means to fight against the Zionist occupation.

Teacher handbook, Islamic Education, Grade 11, p. 168

Twelfth Grade

[The student] must retain the following general ideas:a. Zionism is a racist and aggressor movement.b. Racial superiority is the essence of Zionism and fascism-nazism.

[The student] must understand the negative influence of Zionism on Arab renaissance and on progress.
Teacher's Guide, The Contemporary History of the Arabs and the World, Grade 12, pg. 12

Objectives: 5. [The student] shall reach the following conclusion: why the world hates Jews.6. [The student] shall explain why the Europeans persecuted the Jews.
Teacher's Guide, The Contemporary History of the Arabs and the World, Grade 12, pg. 151

Teaching methods:
1. Educational films that clarify certain problems in the Islamic world and the dangers threatening it like:

The Zionist invasion

Zionist terrorist practices.

Emphasize activities:

2. The groups of students must prepare reports on the following themes:

The liberation of Palestine is a responsibility common to all Muslims.

Teacher's Guide, Islamic Culture, Grade 12, pgs. 169-180