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The fall of George W. Bush?

By Jan Willem van der Hoeven - April 10, 2002, International Christian Zionist Center

You began so well, praying in the Washington DC Cathedral with all your people, seeking the favour of God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - in your Nation's fight against the terrifying scourge of terror. You set out with courage and great determination to root out this terror, announcing that the war would be long and hard, and not necessarily confined to Afghanistan.

And now you, who gave the world such a shining example of moral determination, are telling your most faithful and trusted ally in the whole world - the tiny nation of Israel that has suffered more from the scourge of terror than any other Nation on earth - that they should not take "as much time as it takes" to deal with this violence that has ravaged this country and people for decades.

How can you not see the preposterousness of this hypocrisy? How can your spokesmen and government ministers have anything but deep understanding for Israel's painstaking military campaign against terror so close to their cities, a campaign that up to this point has caused far less civilian casualties than your air force's ruthless months-long bombing in Afghanistan? I am not criticising you for having dealt with terror forcefully when you and your people suffered the consequences of it; what I am appalled at is your double standard in relation to your ally Israel, a double standard many of your courageous senators and congressmen have also recently spoken out against in deep concern.

Now I want to come to you with a warning in the name of the same God of Israel, the Lord Who, in His mercy and favour as He promised in His word, has brought His people back to His land that He promised them "as an everlasting possession":

Mr. President, if you continue on this hypocritical way, forcing Israel to stop her fight against terror whereas you allowed your army all the time it needed to finish the job, then from this day onwards - unless you turn from this ungodly way - your presidency will bear the mark of Cain in relation to God's people that has been so battered and bloodied by the same terror you promised before God to fight with all your might.

May God forgive you for thus sinning against His people, the apple of His eye, against your presidency, and against your own nation's security, for if you continue on this disastrous road it will surely bring God's retributive response.

May this not have to happen, I pray.