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How Terrorism Has Ruined Everything

Comment by J.J. Gross in the New York Times, September 10, 2021

The NY Times reports in detail about the security nightmare we all confront at airports everywhere owing to 9/11. In fact this security nightmare began in the late 1960s with the advent of Palestinian/Muslim terrorism -- the hijacking of airplanes and the bombings and shooting at airports. And, yes, the terrorists have won and we all suffer because if it. One of the reasons for their victory is because it became politically incorrect to assign the blame where it belongs. While it is certainly true that most Muslims are not terrorists, it is no less true that most terrorists are Muslims. And the deafening silence from the silent Muslim majority - not to mention the freedom with which so many of them express their genocidal hatred of Jews - speaks volumes for western complacency, a complacency that will ultimately result in more unspeakable horrors.

By Elliot Friedland, published in, July 27, 2017.

Islamist terrorism has had a huge impact on our lives. Since 9/11, Western governments have responded to the pressures of terrorism with a raft of new measures, many of which are intrusive and inconvenient.

Flying used to be a joy and an experience. Now, all too often, it is a chore. This is thanks in a large part to the security measures implemented to prevent terrorists from bombing or hijacking planes.

Flying before the start of terrorism and now

Terrorism can strike anywhere and at any time. When it does, news about attacks is shared almost instantly around the world via social media and 24-hour rolling news. This has created a climate of fear and suspicion which never used to exist. This fear harms both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, creating divisions between communities.

Terrorism has led the state take on ever greater powers to watch and monitor the public. Whether or not you agree that these policies are justified, they were introduced by governments seeking to protect the public from the insidious threat of jihadi terror.