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The UN Massacre

By Irwin N. Graulich, From, Jul 26, 2003.

The United Nations was born with a severe mental disorder and soul deformity. Despite many therapeutic attempts to correct its problems, this desperate organization has led itself into 21st century obsolescence. Since the end of the Cold War, the cereal box shaped building on First Avenue in New York City has poisoned the world with numerous vile resolutions, mostly initiated by the large number of third world dictatorships.

While Rwanda slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, UN representatives were dining in New York's finest restaurants. When China eliminated Tibet from the face of the earth, those same UN reps were shopping in Bloomingdale's with their wives and girlfriends. As Sudan murdered over one million Black Christians for not becoming Muslim, most of the UN ambassadors were at Broadway shows or escorting hookers around Manhattan.

The only time that UN officials were truly busy working was when Israel tried to protect its citizens from invading armies and suicide bombers. The pseudo-peacemakers at the United Nations went as far as jumping all over an extremely ethical and necessary military action in Jenin to prove their touching concern for "all human life." Thank God the government of Israel did not sanction these proceedings, because this group of UN investigators (sic) would have uncovered a massacre in virtually every synagogue in Brooklyn.

The uselessness and evil of the UN should have been apparent from the outset. Since Great Britain's division of the Mandated area in 1921, the land was divided into two very unequal parts. The larger portion called Transjordan, which was the area "separated and closed to Jewish settlement," and the much smaller portion remaining "for a Jewish homeland."

The natural borders of the Jewish nation of Palestine contained virtual straight lines on its eastern border, north and south of the Dead Sea. This is absolute fact and history, except in the hands of Arab and Palestinian propaganda machines whose talents would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

However, Jews were naive and foolish, even back in the 1920's, never complaining about the fact that a serious portion of Transjordan, now called Jordan, was actually part of historic Israel. Without a homeland or central power base, there were no serious Jewish groups to mount any protest or legal assault against this obvious injustice.

The first UN massacre began early in its life. In 1947, they inherited the task of fulfilling the British Mandate. Instead of taking the high road with the morally correct solution, the partition of 20 years prior, the self-righteous "geniuses" at the UN came up with a rather sophisticated solution for destroying the surviving Jews who had not been cremated in concentration camps.

Purposely or not, they simply excised a heart-shaped portion right out of the already tiny, developing Jewish state. This piece of real estate known as Judea and Samaria was given to an Arab population, the majority of whom came to the area because Jews had created great opportunities. The fact that there were already 20 Arab states who could absorb those people who did not wish to live in a Jewish state was irrelevant to the "high priests" of the UN.

The West Bank is a fraudulent concept. Wells Fargo, Bank of America and California First National Bancorp are the true West Banks. And yet much of the world continues to say, "Let us be fair and make the West Bank Judenrein--completely free of Jews." The fact that Israel contains over 1 million Arab citizens is irrelevant. The fact that every Arab country threw out its Jews and confiscated all their property is totally disregarded. The fact that this entire area and much of present Jordan was biblical Israel has been entirely forgotten.

The only thing that socialist Europe, amoral Scandinavia and many other jealous, American-hating countries believe is, "Let's keep the Muslim world happy so that perhaps they will not murder us." This concept, known as the Stockholm Syndrome, forces the victim to identify with evil causes so that perhaps they will be loved and not killed.

World consensus in 2003 is a recipe for disaster. We do not need the likes of Libya, Iran, Cuba and North Korea voting on morality and decency. America, Israel and a relatively few other moral nations are the dams that are holding back the evil waters of the world.

After all, it was UN-less America who perhaps saved the entire Middle East and the world by destroying the Baathe National Socialist (Nazi) Party in Iraq. No thanks to the UN, 2 brutal mass torturers, Uday and Qusay Hussein, are now at room temperature, while the murdering of civilians and threats to other nations has stopped. The only way that the United Nations can contribute to the betterment of the world is by closing its doors and becoming a much needed homeless shelter in Manhattan.