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Amobee – (972).74.7333444

Digital Marketing Platform for digital publishers, advertisers, mobile operators, developers and enterprises. 3D ads, rich media ads, video ads, interstitials, postitials. Supports MRAID 2.0 and VAST 2.0 standards.

NoviSign Digital Signage – (972).9.7947643

Digital Signage Software sold as Software as a Service (SaaS) enables the easy management of digital signage campaigns, from the cloud to IP-based digital signs anywhere in the world. From any PC, you can broadcast targeted messages to any number of signs, at an unlimited number of locations in real-time. Can be integrated with 3rd parties such as face recognition camera, barcode, RFID, sensors, buttons etc.

Kfar Saba
Operative – (972).2.6515122

OnAir - Broadcast management system that handles all programming and business activities: program acquisitions, program scheduling and management, promo management and airtime sales, post-broadcasting activities, including pre-billing and sales analysis.

Sizmek – (972).9.7760800

Rich media serving and management platform for online advertising and publishing media. Ad formats include banners, floating ad, window ads, full-page overlay, etc. Ads can be created by Macromedia Flash, GIF and/or EyeWonder streaming video content.

Taboola – (972).3.6966966

Taboola’s advertising platform is powered by Deep Learning technology that uses Taboola’s unique data about people’s interests and information consumption to recommend the right content to the right person. Taboola's algorithm analyzes website content and extracts a large number of “signals” that will help the technology match it to people who are most likely to engage and take action.