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G-STAT – (972).2.5871314

Statistical and data mining models for predicting events in the lives of customers and organization. Customer credit risk assessment. Inventory management and planning based on consumer demand.

IFN Systems – (972).9.7639333

Document management and workflow solutions for organizations. WINS Suite for eContent and eProcess. Implementations for banking, insurance, telecom and pharmaceutical companies. New drug application for FDA. Solutions are built on FileNET foundation.

Kfar Saba
Kinor Technologies – (972).2.5400073

Secure enterprise information integration software. Applications - Health Care: Enables health care suppliers to integrate information and to achieve compliance with HIPAA requirements. Homeland Security: to share data between law enforcement agencies.

Mckit Systems – (972).3.7344500

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. CAD, CAM solutions and multidiscipline simulation systems. Software by Bentley for civil engineering, plant design, architecture, structural design, geospatial, process industry and the energy industry.

Givat Shmuel
NICE Actimize – (972).1.866.7981200

Patent-pending technology that runs analytical models over stored or transactional data, enabling management of business processes in real-time. Applications include fraud management, dynamic pricing, event driven marketing and customer service control.

Octopai – (972).3.5496083

Cross-platform meta-data search engine. Metadata is automatically gathered from a wide variety of sources, including ETL, and databases. Business intelligence (BI) technology for data analysis of business information.

Rosh Haayin
Teldan Information Systems – (972).3.6950073

Custom made databases specializing in defense, aerospace, science and technology. Also supplier of business, scientific and technological information including CD-ROM databases and online electronic journals.

Tel Aviv
Wizsoft – (972).3.5631919

Software based on mathematical algorithms for Data mining, concept-based text search engines, knowledge management, computational linguistics, accounting and inventory management and operations research.

Tel Aviv