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@ Development tools - (972).

Directory of companies producing software tools for e-commerce.

AllCharge - (972).3.6126556

Payment platform for the purchase of digital content over electronic networks, such as the Internet, interactive TV, mobile networks, etc.

Attunity - (972).9.8993000

Attunity B2B enables enterprises to create, share, automate and manage business processes that integrate customers, suppliers, partners, eMarketplaces, employees and enterprise systems over the Internet.

Kfar Neter
BMC Software - (972).3.6451111

Comprehensive e-business systems management software for large enterprises such as credit card companies, banks, airlines and governmental agencies. Flagship products include PATROL, COMMAND/POST, BEST/1, OnSite.

Tel Aviv
Billonet Micropayment Services - (972).3.7528551

Web-billing solutions. Micro payment systems and IVR (interactive voice response) services for web masters and ISP's. Reliable, easy to use charging via user's phone bill, private and secure without a need for a credit card.

Cardonet - (972).9.7447201

Comprehensive tools for the development and management of procurement, supplier and e-marketplace catalogs.

Consist - (972).3.9204125

Financial modules include: ConsistGL (General Ledger, including Budgeting and allocations), ConsistFA (Fixed assets), ConsistAR (Accounts Receivable), ConsistAP (Accounts Payable), ConsistPO (Purchase Order). Applications in 11 languages.

Petah Tikva
CreditGuard - (972).3.7370733

Internet payment and e-commerce solutions for online management of billing and auditing services. CG Gateway to monitor IVR systems, unattended machines, POS and other payment transaction functions from a user-friendly, web-based management console.

Givat Shmuel
Digital Fuel Technologies - (972).2.5885200

ServiceFlow service level agreement (SLA) management and service cost management software. Call center services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, building and environment management. Management of outsourcing contracts.

E4X - (972).3.7914216

E4X provides an instant infrastructure and service for enabling and ensuring electronic multi-currency transactions for online Internet businesses and e-merchants.

Tel Aviv
Easybase - (972).3.6114266

easyPilot software tools for prototyping business objects, user interface and interactions.

Enigma Information Systems - (972).9.9569955

Web based e-catalogs, e-publishing for e-business.

Herzliya Pituach
Ericom Software - (972).2.5714774

PowerTerm series of terminal emulators, e-Business, wireless, business-to-business and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions that generate Web/WAP applications from existing host resources, without changing original legacy application.

Formula Travel Solutions - (972).3.5797551

PAXYS 2000: on-line system covering all phases of tour operating business and airline travel management system. Database handles flights, tours, packages, hotels, insurance, car rentals, transfers, cruises, train transportation and other land services.

Bnei Brak
Fundtech - (972).3.5752750

Global cash management and payments solutions that enable financial institutions and business customers to manage cash, process payments and transfer funds electronically.

Glassbox - (972).74.7022321

Software for comprehensive view and analysis of customer digital sessions, recorded from both server and client side. Tool for the marketing department and web teams, enabling them to reproduce online customer journeys, and conduct in-depth root cause analysis to improve customer experience and reduce average handling time.

Petah Tikva
I'm Global - (972).3.5471975

Global Payment Service Provider. Recognized by Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP programs for delivering online authorization and processing service. Merchants can process secure transactions in real time, 24 hours a day. Multi-currency processing.

Ramat Hasharon
Idor Systems - (972).3.5373862

E-business solutions and project management. Specialists in IBM Websphere products and connection of IBM eServer and NT legacy servers to Java-based web applications. IT consulting, software products for AS/400, Euro conversion, outsourcing services.

Tel Aviv
Jacada - (972).9.9525900

Provider of legacy integration and Web-enablement software for mainframe and midrange applications. Non-intrusive Java, XHTML and XML solutions provide graphical interface, web enablement and real-time integration with other systems.

KeyDownload - (972).

Developer and distributor of widgets, applications and desktop software with an emphasis on social networks.

Tel Aviv
LogNet Systems - (972).4.9598777

BillMiner: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and Customer Self Services (CSS) software system for account management by Telecom, Utility and financial billers. Communication Service Provider (CSP) Usage and Cost Analyzer.

Micro Focus - (972).4.8130111

Enterprise Application Modernization and Management software.

Modern Systems - (972).9.9526100

Systems modernization and IT renewal solutions. E-business enabling for legacy systems. Migration from IDMS, VSAM, ADABAS to DB2. Euro transition. Expert System for telecommunication companies to improve auditing process of invoices.

Netformx - (972).3.5783178

eBusiness solutions specifically focused on the design, purchase and deployment of complex networks.

Bnei Brak
Nibit Communication and Computers - (972).2.6541404

Oracle based ERP software. Multilingual database for both retail and wholesale markets. Support all levels of business, from Points of Sale stations to management. Clients include food stores, supermarkets chains, hardware and technical equipment stores.

Outlook Systems - (972).3.5373606

Custom software products and services in client-server, RDBMSs and Internet/Intranet technology.

Tel Aviv
Retalix - (972).9.7766677

Software solutions for supermarkets, convenience stores, fuel forecourts and restaurant operators worldwide.

SAP Manage - (972).9.9701777

Menahel Top - Windows software for business management and accounting. SAP solution provider.

Sapiens International Corporation - (972).8.9382777

E-business solutions for cross-industry offerings, such as asset discovery, legacy renewal and application reengineering.

Shigra - (972).9.9589521

new deal Total Direct Marketing Solution (TDMS) package handles complete business cycle from order entry, through to product fulfillment and customer relations and enables management of a large number of catalogs, vendors, warehouses and inventory.

Softsense - (972).72.2203000

International software licensing to commercial and institutional customers of almost any software from all software publishers.

Tranzila - (972).9.8850480

Software system for online credit card processing. Tranzila uses ASP (Application Service Provider) architecture model, runs on remote servers and is easily integrated with all operating systems and programming languages.

Vio - (972).9.9725800

Digital workflow services to the graphic arts sector. Managed distribution of media for the publishing, printing, packaging, prepress and advertising communities. Remote proofing and printing.

WorkLight - (972).9.9525600

Scalable server software that creates a bridge between the IT environment and consumer-oriented services such as RSS, Ajax-based gadgets, mobile devices. Applications for banks, health care providers, retail organizations, utilities and telcos.

YubiTech Technologies - (972).4.6321133

Software that enables "on the road" access to enterprise applications on any mobile device or smart-phone. Mobilizing business applications improves corporate service connecting mobile workers to enterprise CRM and ERP without the need to write code.