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ACTL Systems – (972).2.5376459

Training, mentoring and consulting services in the design and development of object-oriented client/server and real-time systems for software developers. Courses on object oriented design using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

AE40 – (972).9.7438410

Software house, specializing in complex voice, VoIP, video systems. Real time software, embedded software. Sub contracting and system engineering projects for High Tech companies.

Afek Systems – (972).3.9635630

Development and integration of Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Mobile applications. Computing infrastructure services. ERP and CRM systems. Nereus IT package for maritime agency management of business operations, logistics and billing.

Rishon LeTsiyon
Almog – (972).3.9228811

ERP, CRM and MRP systems for medium to large companies.

Petah Tikva
Amanet-Management & Systems – (972).3.7659555

Custom projects in the fields of management engineering; information systems; behavioral sciences; economics and business development.

Tel Aviv
Ardix – (972).3.6495511

Development of software and hardware for real-time and embedded systems.

Tel Aviv
BIS Advanced Software Systems – (972).3.7111300

easy-to-deploy software, with rapid integration into CRM and billing systems, as well as custom branding and a user-friendly VAS that requires minimum sales effort and service.

Tel Aviv
Bookitlab – (972).77.7944044

Custom software development solutions, specializing in enterprise software development and custom web and mobile application development. LIMS and research-related software development.

Breakthrough – (972).3.6349922

Consulting company providing system administration, project management and software development services for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Network architecture design and infrastructure.

Or Yehuda
CodeOasis – (972).9.9715000

Information systems and integration. Content management systems and portals. eCommerce systems. Mobile applications. Online appointment scheduling service.

Complete Information Technologies – (972).3.6345678

Consultancy to commercial companies specializing in project management, ERP systems, development of internet-based, executive information systems for multi-national companies. Design and development in an AS/400 environment.

Or Yehuda
Computools – (972).54.4502652

Global software development service provider in Marketing and AdTech, E-Commerce, FinTech, HealthTech industries. Services: Consulting and design. Software engineering. Support and optimization.

Comtec – (972).3.9201666

Integrated system designed for insurance companies processing general insurance for all personal and commercial lines of business including billing, collection and claims management.

Ramat Gan
ConKor Systems – (972).4.9523138

Development of embedded, Real-Time, object-oriented software packages. Equipment control software, GUI design. Portfolio includes industrial image processing applications, electro-physiological mapping system, monitoring system for aircraft engines.

Devalore – (972).3.6445370

Real Time/Embedded/Cross-Platform software development. Mobile applications for use in Android, iOS, Windows Phone. VLSI verifification using SystemVerilog, OVM and other methods.

Petah Tikva
EDP Computers – (972).3.6438222

Consulting, project management, system integration and implementation, system services, software development. Executive information systems (EIS). Alternative backup sites (DRP).

Tel Aviv
EfCom Software Solutions – (972).8.6710671

Software development areas include industrial machinery, image analysis algorithms, database based applications, web applications and services, driver development, real-time/embedded development, software and hardware integration.

Elad Software Systems – (972).3.6499932

Information Technology services for banking, insurance, transportation and public sector including government ministries, local municipalities and health organizations.

Tel Aviv
Fayrix Software – (972).9.3740180

Custom software development services available worldwide and affordable for businesses of any size. Mass-market mobile solutions and services. IoT projects to collect and process data. Blockchain projects. Payment gates. Development offices in Eastern Europe.

Herzliya Pituach
Formula Systems – (972).3.5389487

Formula Systems is the largest Israeli public traded Information Technology company, with a large proprietary software solutions division for international markets.

Or Yehuda
Forthscale – (972).77.5280015

Open source Cloud infrastructure integration, deployment and management. End-to-end IT and software turn-key projects. Portfolio includes deployment, support and integration of application servers, databases, shared storage and content delivery systems.

Tel Aviv
Giga – (972).3.6817888

Software design, consulting and outsourcing. Experience in information technologies, computer embedded systems, real time OS, Internet applications, mobile and power line communication (PLC) technologies. Banking, insurance and management systems.

Tel Aviv
Gita Technologies – (972).72.2461825

Software development services in security, encryption and networking. Real-time interception, location finding, cyber warfare, military-grade encryption, ciphers and cryptography, analysis and reverse engineering of complex protocols.

Tel Aviv
Harel Information Technologies – (972).3.7658888

Comprehensive computer solutions for organizations and large companies including hardware, software and services. Maintenance of servers and networks.

Tel Aviv
IBM – (972).3.9188111

Information Management: DB2 Universal Database. Application Development: VisualAge Generator, C++, Java. e-commerce: IBM Net.Commerce, OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business. Lotus Notes/Domino. Tivoli Enterprise, IT Director.

Petah Tikva
IBM Research Labs in Israel – (972).4.8296211

Projects include, VLSI design, verification technology, storage subsystems, computer systems, programming languages and environments, advanced applications, multimedia and service technologies.

Innovecs – (972).3.9150717

Innovecs specializes in serving Gaming Entertainment, Adtech, Fintech, E-commerce, Telecom and Healthcare markets. Innovecs focuses on mobile and web development, blockchain, ad tech, animation and art asset creation.

Tel Aviv
Inoxoft – (972).

Software development company that creates tailor-made web and mobile applications. UI UX design and development services. Expertise: Back-end – .NET, Node.js, Python. Front-end – React. Mobile Native – with Kotlin, Swift. Mobile Cross Platform – with React Native, Flutter. Customized solutions for Healthcare, Finance, Education, e-Commerce, Logistics, and IoT domains.

Tel Aviv
Internet Teams – (972).9.3740188

Tailor-made software for small-medium businesses (SMBs) and corporations. Expertise on various platforms such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, PHP, Node.js, Python, Bootsrap, Angular.js, Backbone.js, HTML5, Javascript, MS SQL Server, Sharepoint, GIS applications.

Kluren – (972).3.7739977

Development of web applications, and mobile applications for various platforms. Custom Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Kopel-Reem – (972).72.3301601

Magic consulting and training packages for software companies and in-house developer teams. DBAlert triggers events in response to chages in database, e.g. Copy file, execute SQL command, send E-mail or SMS.

Korentec – (972).4.8777966

Software development projects. Outsourcing for Microsoft .Net systems. Embedded systems.

Tel Aviv
L4B Software – (972).9.7687885

Software development for companies who wish to deploy Embedded and Real-Time Linux software in their products. Board Support Package. Reference-Design. Device drivers for custom boards. Processors supported: x86, Xscale, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, Freescale, TI.

Kfar Sava
Log-On – (972).3.5763100

Customized software systems and projects and consulting services on products, application development tools, databases and software migrations.

LogoUI – (972).72.2224233

Consultation services in all aspects of UI (User Interface) and GUI design and development using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight. XAML experts have strong background in both programming and graphic design.

Tel Aviv
MOST Technologies – (972).3.9115511

Software tools for database maintenance and application migration. OnTarget: Automatic analysis and migration of database applications and programming languages to advanced systems. OnDiscovery: Maintenance tools for NATURAL/ADABAS business environments.

Petah Tikva
Malam-Team Group – (972).3.5312111

Mission critical systems and infrastructure software for managing information and data bases. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Human-resource payroll and attendance systems. Design and service for communication networks.

Givat Shmuel
Matrix – (972).9.9598840

Developing large scale IT projects. Outsourcing of software and computer facilities management. Banking and financial market technologies. ERP and CRM solutions. Operating systems: MVS/CICS, Unix, NT, AS/400. Data bases: UDB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.

Microsoft Israel – (972).9.7625100

Israeli branch of Microsoft specializing in Hebrew enabled versions of Microsoft Windows Operating systems, Office applications and other Microsoft software products.

MidLink Computing – (972).3.6911007

Middleware projects. Consulting, mentoring and administration services for large scale distributed computing systems.

Tel Aviv
NGSoft – (972).72.2754500

Developer of drivers and embedded software solutions for medical and mobile devices, digital cameras, networking systems and security systems. Network management systems and server solutions. Testing services and test automation.

Ness Technologies – (972).3.7666800

Software Integration and Networking Services Group. Business Solutions Group - e-business, financial services, billing. Enterprise Solutions Group. Telecom and Systems Group - telecom systems, GIS and Air Traffic Control systems.

Tel Aviv
ONE – (972).3.9767800

Help desk and customer service outsourced services to global companies such as Microsoft, HP and Xerox. Software infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and hundreds of servers.

Petah Tikva
Opisoft – (972).3.5416000

Turn-Key projects and solutions for information systems. Establishing data warehouses within organizations, using Oracle or Microsoft SQL, data mining.

Oracle Israel – (972).3.9273627

Oracle database designed for Grid computing. Fusion Middleware portfolio of standards-based software products, including J2EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration and content management.

Petah Tikva
PDAC Tech – (972).3.6391139

Mobile software development services. Dedicated development for telecom localization and customization. Multimedia systems for vehicles, applications for fleet managers.

Panorama Software Systems – (972).3.6459777

Web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. NovaView e-BI Suite - Client and web-based OLAP query products. Platform for business reporting, analysis and customer relationship management applications.

Tel Aviv
Qsoft – (972).

Application Generator software for Quality System ISO 9001 support. Aircraft Maintenance Control System for maintenance schedule, Flight logbook, Configuration control at LRU and SRU level, Failure Reporting and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS).

Qualisoft – (972).50.7514987

Services in all the life-cycle stages of product development to improve quality. Consultancy in quality process improvement. Manpower. Training in modern software development and testing methodologies.

Tel Aviv
S.H.F. Computers – (972).4.8213899

Communication systems, wireless cellular networks, NMS and embedded systems, simulators, military and commercial applications, SQA and testing.

SIT – (972).3.6341299

ERP package (MFG\PRO) geared towards specific industrial and mercantile markets: production companies in the electronics, food and beverage, medical supplies, consumer products and transportation industries.

Or Yehuda
SQLink – (972).3.7538848

Relational database tools for data management both in the client/server environment and on the Internet. TimeNet - an Internet reporting system for employee working hours.

Seed Startup House – (972).3.7213749

Comprehensive programming services for startup companies. Developing iOS applications for iPhone and iPad and Android applications for Android phones and tablets. Embedded solutions for smart cards using a PIC MCU.

Tel Aviv
Softimize – (972).74.7024735

Cloud-based applications and video over IP.

Petah Tikva
Sogo Services – (972).54.4749435

Full-cycle software development. Complex software solutions based on NLP, Machine Learning and Rule-based programming.

Tel Aviv
Surecomp – (972).9.7639600

Developing turnkey solutions for the wholesale banking environment, with a wide range of integrated Trade Finance and Treasury products.

Kfar Sava
Systematics – (972).3.7660111

Distributor and integrator of software system solutions in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD, e-Collaboration and Asset management.

Tel Aviv
Tadiad – (972).4.9853300

Main focus on development, QA, testing, maintenance, call center, out sourcing and professional services. ERP or CRM project based on SAP, SAP Business One, Forth Shift, MS-CRM.

Taldor Group – (972).3.9298298

Software development, simulations and control systems, CRM, Contact Center, optical scanning and archiving, e-business, system support and integration and GIS.

Petah Tikva
TandemG – (972).77.4500294

Embedded and real-time software development. Device drivers. Porting applications between operating systems and across platforms: From embedded platforms to desktop, from Windows to Linux and vice versa.

TeamCAD – (972).3.9212040

Computer and software systems, communication networks, training and implementation of solutions and maintenance of computer equipment.

Petah Tikva
Technet Computer Systems – (972).3.9212161

Outsourcing networking administration, operating systems expertise, in-house help desk services, internet and intranet creation.

Petah Tikva
Tk Open Systems – (972).2.6796452

Support services for Linux and Open Source software. Contract PHP and Perl programming for web sites or other purposes. Tk Open Systems IP Routing Firewall. Software validation and testing.

Trinity Software & Beyond – (972).9.7677880

Custom development particularly in embedded systems, real-time, VoIP, servers, multimedia, communication and networking.

Kfar Sava
Trivium Solutions – (972).9.9510733

Software development and consultancy. Proficiency: RT/ embedded systems, embedded Linux, Android, networking, IoT products. Israeli managed Offshore SW development, Co-Sourcing SW development, Turn-Key solutions.

Herzliya Pituach
Unilink – (972).3.5619293

Real time voice, fax and value-added IP communication and messaging solutions for telephony carriers, Internet service providers and other network operators.

Tel Aviv
Yael Group – (972).9.7639333

Custom software development, consulting, monitoring and integration services and project management.

Kfar Sava
mPrest Systems – (972).3.9291515

Custom application development and complex software systems from distributed client/server systems to device driver development. mCore Command and control application server on top Microsoft .NET framework.

Petah Tikva