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8th – (972).52.6525543

8th is a secure, cross-platform, cost-effective, extensible programming language for mobile, desktop, server and embedded application development. Create applications for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi using the same source code.

Maale Adumim
AgileSparks – (972).52.2431404

Agile/Lean solutions to improve project management, software and hardware development. Training for Kanban method of developing software products.

Rosh Ha'ayin
BQR Reliability Engineering – (972).3.9625911

CARE software tools to test reliability and maintenance of CAD / CAE / CAM designs of complex systems such as: railways, automotive, telecommunications, production lines, power stations, aircraft, ships.

Rishon LeTsiyon
GigaSpaces Technologies – (972).9.9526751

Enterprise Application grid computing platform for developing real time, clustered and collaborative distributed applications over low-cost open platforms such as blade racks and Linux servers. Distributed Shared Memory.

Magic Software Enterprises – (972).3.5389292

Software development technology for e-business, e-commerce and CRM solutions across the enterprise with a uniform programming paradigm regardless of architecture, platform or database.

Or Yehuda
Perl Training Israel – (972).54.4624648

Specializing in Perl - Training, consultancy, development and support. Applications include quality assurance, configuration management, database access, web service and web site development.

Tikal Knowledge – (972).3.6488618

Open source software services for the enterprise. Open J2EE IDE development environment. Open J2EE web application server. Open KM Portal API for developing portlets, small Java applications that run inside the portal.

Tel Aviv
Zend – (972).3.6139665

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) - an open-source server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other web applications. Free Software