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Avtech Scientific – (972).8.9798997

Development of numerical 3D models and simulations for computer-aided engineering (CAE), control and optimization of complex medical, physical, chemical and biological systems and product designs. Optional deployment on supercomputers and GPUs.

Modiin Illit
Cimatron – (972).73.2370200

Data-to-Steel Solution: integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers.

Givat Shmuel
Compucraft – (972).3.9335534

RobotWorks: Robotics Interface for SolidWorks for welding, sealing etc. Custom made systems for assembly of electronic components, mechanical assemblies, components assembly, resistance and temperature testing, textile industry and wire technology.

Petah Tikva
Cubus Engineering Software – (972).9.7489713

Software for civil engineering. Tunnel-4H: design of Concrete Box Culverts using AutoCAD. Building-4: software for reinforced concrete design of building beams, slabs, pillars and walls. SeismicFEA: Static and dynamic seismic analysis of structures.

GeoSim – (972).3.9217717

Precise 3D-city models and 3D visualization for city planning, design, monitoring and city-related decision making. Geo-referenced search capabilities for location related information (text, pictures, audio, video). Applications for urban infrastructure.

Petah Tikva
International TechneGroup – (972).3.7160773

Suite of software products that solve complex product data interoperability problems. CADfix CAD interoperability tools for 3D data migration and CAE integration. CADIQ identifies differences in CAD models and potential shape and fit problems. Proficiency automates the remastering of parametric CAD data from one CAD system into another.

Rishon LeTsiyon
Metalix CAD/CAM – (972).4.9998436

CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry. cncKad - Software package for CNC Punch, Laser, Plasma and Flame machines. Supports sheet-metal drafting aids: Notching, chamfering, filleting, shapes recognition, geometry validation etc.

OptiTex – (972).3.9049979

CAD/CAM software for fabric, textile and sewn products. Pattern Design System (PDS) for drafting patterns, grommets, darts, pleats. Runway 3D, cloth simulation software. Custom tailored made-to-measure design using dimensions such as shoulder, waist.

Petah Tikva
R&B Mold and Die Design – (972).4.9592610

CAMD (Computer-Aided Mold Design) solutions for the mold and die industry. Mold Base Design Tools that operate with Cimatron and SolidWorks.

RDV Systems – (972).8.9258081

Rapid Design Visualization (RDV) for AutoCAD Civil 3D to create an interactive visualization environment. Designers can create drive through simulations, flyovers for proposed roads, infrastructure, interchanges and other land development projects.

SolidCAM – (972).3.5333160

CAM software tools for mechanical manufacturing. Target market: factories and machine shops that need a CAM system for programming parts for CNC machine tools. Integrated with SolidWorks software.

Or Yehuda
TBM Software – (972).3.5719920

Mechanical CAD/CAM dealer and VAR. Represents Autodesk, Ansys, Smart Solutions, CGTech, Cyco, Cimmetry, Actify, Compunix and other companies. Engineering Document Management (EDM/PDM) and software development. AutoCAD Hebrew Text Editor.

Ziggurat Systems – (972).4.8215665

B4uB CAD Plug-in. System planning and coordination for construction projects based on Building Information Model (BIM). Project data including mechanical, electronic, plumbing (MEP) systems is stored in a central repository.