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HumanEyes Technologies – (972).2.6518999

Software that enables simple creation of panoramic 3D stereo images from ordinary photographs captured by any single still or video digital camera. Applications: Outdoor advertising, packaging, magazine publications.

Imagu Vision Technologies – (972).3.6480207

Developer of software for object recognition in digital images and video. Software products provide solutions to multiple industries such as semiconductors, homeland security, medical devices and e-commerce.

Tel Aviv
ProTrack – (972).2.3731149

No-GPS navigation for airborne platforms, ground/air video anchoring and geo-positioning. Video Motion Detection (VMD) for ground-based/airborne, daytime/night, scanning/static cameras. VMD on water. Video stabilization. Fog and haze penetration for CCD cameras. Automatic Object Tracking for ground-based and airborne platforms. Map-anchored panorama and mosaic production for ground-based and airborne cameras. ProTrack caters to the military, defense and civilian markets.

RSIP Vision – (972).3.5290920

Development of image processing algorithms for high-tech companies. Custom engineering services in image processing and computer vision fields.

Tel Aviv