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Compugraphic Solutions – (972).3.5732140

Multimedia systems for harmonized control of video and slide projectors, projection of digital films, audio channels (music, effects), lighting and lasers, active theater systems. Virtual Reality system for 3-D animations in real time.

MVR Multimedia – (972).72.3387521

3D Animation technology for high-powered media and ad agencies. 3D clips "translate" difficult concepts into graceful animation. Application in medical technologies, aircraft industries, educational and training programs.

Kfar Vitkin
MicroType – (972).9.8988021

SP TimeSavers - Bookmark Controller, Link Controller, PDFmarker, UnBloat utilities for conversion from FrameMaker to PDF/Acrobat. FrameMaker training and consulting. Template design.

Kfar Yona
Netgo – (972).9.7401822

Consulting, development, support and services for the advertising, publishing and media industries. Developer of Hebrew support for QuarkXpress.

Hod Hasharon
Rubidium – (972).9.7451412

Dialog Engine enables mass-market devices such as phones, toys, appliances, to hold a natural dialog with its users. Installed as matchbox-sized plug-and-play module, a chipset or software add-on. Integrates speech recognition and feedback generation.

SimiGon – (972).9.9561777

PC-based hi-fidelity 3D simulation with knowledge management and content building tools. AirBook flight training simulation for military and civilian aviation. AirTrack Passenger Flight Information Systems (PVIS) with 3D simulation views and moving maps.

Virtual Point – (972).9.7679035

Interactive multimedia and video production services for business, education, entertainment, medical and life science related projects. 3D Animation clips that can be incorporated in PowerPoint and multimedia applications.

Kfar Sava
Wochit – (972).3.6203699

Video creation platform empowering newsrooms, editorial teams and social media editors to capture and expand audience attention through the power of video. Create videos using pre-negotiated, rights-cleared assets from AP, Reuters, Getty, and many more sources.

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