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Biomedical Databases

Antibody Databases
BIOZAI search engine for life science experimentation
AbMinerAbMiner commercially available antibodies screened by Western blot
Antibodies for the study of Alzheimer's disease and related neurodegenerative diseases
Antibody Registry
Antibody Resource
Antibodypedia- Database of publicly available antibodies against human protein targets
BenchSci - Antibody usage data in the form of published figures
CiteAbCiteAb - Antibody Search Engine
HaptenDBHapten database contains 2021 entries for antibodies raised against haptens and cross-reactivity of antibody raised against one Hapten with other related haptens. Haptens included: pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drugs, vitamins, steroids, hormones, toxins, dyes, and explosives
Histone Antibody Specificity Database
IEDBImmune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource
InnateDBKnowledgebase of the genes, proteins, and the interactions and signaling responses involved in mammalian innate immunity
VADValidated Antibody Database and Reagents
StructureAAAAAAHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy
StructureabYsisDatabase integrates sequence data from Kabat and IMGT with PDB structural data
StructureVBASE2Database of germ-line variable genes from human and mouse immunoglobulin loci
StructureImmunoglobulin Structure and Classes
StructureIMGTInternational ImMunoGeneTics information system
StructureSequence and Structure Analysis of Antibody Variable Domains
StructureSAbDabStructural Antibody Database
StructureSACSSummary of Antibody Structures in the Protein Databank