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Biomedical Databases : Virus Databases

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Big Picture Book of Viruses
Complete Bacteriophage genomes
VIPERdbDatabase for Icosahedral Virus Capsid Structure
viruSITEDatabase of viral genomes and genes
DPVDescriptions of Plant Viruses
Giant Virus site, mimivirus and other large DNA viruses
GISAIDGlobal Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data
HIVdbHIV Drug Resistance Database
HIV Sequence Database
HIV-1, Human Protein Interaction Database
HCVdbHepatitis C Virus Database
IVDBInfluenza Virus Database
ICTVInternational Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
IHNVMolecular Epidemiology of Aquatic Pathogens: Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus
RVDRecombinant Virus Database
ViralZone - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics web-resource for virus families
ViPRVirus Pathogen Resource
ICTVVirus Taxonomy