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Biomedical Databases : Organelle Databases

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Complete chloroplast genome sequences
Complete mitochondrial genome sequences
Data Base of PCR Primers for the Study of the Chloroplast Genome in Plants
MitomeDatabase for comparative mitochondrial genomics in metazoan animals
Organelle DBDatabase of organelle proteins and subcellular structures
ExoCartaExtracellular microvesicles (eMVs)
VesiclepediaExtracellular vesicles database
mtDBHuman Mitochondrial Genome Database
MITOMAPHuman Mitochondrial Genome Database - polymorphisms and mutations
HMPDbHuman Mitochondrial Protein Database
HmtDBHuman mitochondrial Database
HvrBaseHuman mtDNA control region sequences
Locate: Subcellular Localization Database
MitoCarta: An Inventory of Mammalian Mitochondrial Genes
Mitochondrial disorders
NPDNuclear Protein Database
Organelle Genomes
PeroxisomeDBPeroxisome Database
PODB2Plant Organelles Database
plprotPlastid Protein Database
mtDNAmanager mtDNA control region sequences