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Biomedical Databases

Organelle Databases
Complete chloroplast genome sequences
Data Base of PCR Primers for the Study of the Chloroplast Genome in Plants
MitoMinerDatabase of mitochondrial localisation evidence and phenotype data for mammals, zebrafish and yeasts
MitoZoaDatabase of mtDNA of metazoan species
Organelle DBDatabase of organelle proteins and subcellular structures
ExoCartaExosome database - Membrane vesicles of endocytic origin secreted by cells
VesiclepediaExtracellular vesicles database
MITOMAPHuman Mitochondrial Genome Database - polymorphisms and mutations
HmtDBHuman mitochondrial Database
MitoCarta: An Inventory of Mammalian Mitochondrial Genes
MitoCasesMitoCases - Information on rare mitochondrial diseases
MitoProteomeMitoProteome Human Mitochondrial Protein Database
MitoBreakMitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) breakpoints database
MSeqDRMitochondrial Disease Sequence Data Resource Consortium
MitoFishMitochondrial Genome Database of Fish
Mitochondrial disorders
NPDNuclear Protein Database
PeroxisomeDBPeroxisome Database
LocDBProtein Subcellular Localization Database for Human and Arabidopsis
PROLOCATEProtein subcellular location based on analytical subcellular fractionation/quantitative mass spectrometry experiments conducted on rat liver.
The complete sequence of the human mitochondrion
The complete sequence of the human mitochondrion in graphic form
mtDNAmanager mtDNA control region sequences