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Biomedical Databases

Carbohydrate Databases
3D Lectin Database - 3D structures of lectins
CSDBBacterial and Plant/Fungal Carbohydrate Structure Database
CAZyCarbohydrate-Active enZYmes Database
O-GlycBaseDatabase of O- and C-glycosylated proteins
FDA Nutrition Facts - Total Carbohydrate definition
Glyco3DGLYCO3D A site for glycosciences
Genomics resource for animal lectins
GBPGlycan Binding Proteins
GlycoSuiteDBGlycan Structures Database
GlyTouCanGlycan structure repository
GlycoEpitopeGlycoEpitope Database
Glycosciences: Databases and bioinformatics tools for glycobiology and glycomics
Glycosylation Pathways
LectinDBLectin database contains structure and sequence information on plant lectins
Mucin Database: Mucin genes, transcripts, protein sequences and functional domains
GDGDBOntology of Genetic Diseases known to be related to Glycan Metabolism