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Biomedical Databases

DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence Databases
DDBJ• DNA Data Bank of Japan
ENA• European Nucleotide Archive
• NCBI Nucleotide Database
ALFREDALlele FREquency Database
AFNDAllele Frequency Net Database - immune gene frequencies worldwide
BIGSdbBacterial Isolate Genome Sequence Database
Bioperl Project - open source Perl tools for bioinformatics, genomics and life science research
CORGCOmparative Regulatory Genomics Conserved non-coding genomic DNA segments
Common Access to Biological Resources and Information
DiProDBDinucleotide Property Database
GeneCards: Database of human genes
Genetic Codes for translation of RNA sequence into amino acids
INSDCInternational Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration
RefSeqNCBI Reference Sequence: a curated non-redundant sequence database of genomes, transcripts and proteins
dbSNPNCBI Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Database, Human Genome
PhosphoSite, protein modification sites
WebLogoSequence Logos
STRBaseShort Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA Internet DataBase
Vector Database

Note: GenBank is a redundant archival sequence database. For reference standards use the newer NCBI Reference Sequence (RefSeq). RefSeq accession numbers are distinguished from GenBank accessions by their format of [2 characters|underline]. For example, a RefSeq mRNA code is NM_000336 (Additional examples and key).