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Genome Databases
* Directory of Genome Browsers
* Ensembl Genome Browser
* Ensembl Genomes
* Ensembl Invertebrate Metazoa
* Ensembl Protists
* NCBI Genome Database
* NCBI List of Eukaryotic Genome Sequencing Projects
@ Plant Genome Databases
@ Prokaryotic Genome Databases
MethBaseA reference methylome database
Animal Genome Size Database
Aspergillus Genomes
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
SilkBaseBombyx mori genome
BGDBovine Genome Database
CGDCandida Genome Database
Chicken (Gallus gallus) Genome
CYORFCyanobacteria Gene Annotation Database
Cytogenetics Gallery
OriDBDNA Replication Origin Database
wFleaBaseDaphnia Water Flea Genome Database
diArkDatabase for eukaryotic genome and EST sequencing projects
DGVDatabase of Genomic Variants
DGVaDatabase of Genomic Variants archive
GenAgeDatabase of genes related to ageing
dbVarDatabase of genomic structural variation
Dog Genome Annotation (Canis familiaris)
FlyBaseDrosophila Genes and Genome Database
ENCODEEncyclopedia of DNA Elements
Ensembl Tutorial: Browsing genomes
Gene Ontology Consortium
GMODGeneric Model Organism Database
G10KGenome 10K Project: Genomes of 10,000 vertebrate species
gnomADGenome Aggregation Database
Genome Sequencing Consortiums and Centers
GWIDDGenome Wide Docking Database
Genomes OnLine Database
euGenesGenomic Information for Eukaryotic Organisms
WormBaseGenomics and biology of C. elegans and related nematodes
GiardiaDBGiardia lamblia Genomics Resource
Google Cloud Life Sciences
Honey Bee Genome Project - Apis mellifera
HGDHymenoptera Genome Database
GeneLocIntegrated map for each human chromosome
IGSRInternational Genome Sample Resource
IMPCInternational Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
IRDBInverted Repeats Database in genomic DNA
JGI Genome Portal
KEGG Organisms: Complete Genomes
KEGGKyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
MGIMouse Genome Informatics
Mouse Genomes Project
Mouse Genomic Imprinting
NCBI Human Genome - Guide to Online Information
Nematode Genomes
PharmGKBPharmacogenomics Knowledgebase
PlasmoDBPlasmodium Genome Resource
RGDRat Genome Database
dictyBaseResource for the biology and genomics of Dictyostelium discoideum
SGDSaccharomyces Genome Database
PomBaseSchizosaccharomyces pombe Genome Project
Sea Urchin Genome Project - Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
Telomerase Database
TGDTetrahymena Genome Database
UCSC Genome Bioinformatics
VEGAVertebrate Genome Annotation database
XenbaseXenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis biology and genomics resource
YFGdbYeast Functional Genomics Database
Zebrafish Genome Annotation (Danio rerio)
ZFINZebrafish Information Network
15ki5k: Sequencing Five Thousand Arthropod Genomes

* C-value: The amount of DNA in the nucleus of gamete of an organism.