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Biomedical Databases : Protein Interaction (PPI) Databases

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APIDAgile Protein Interactomes DataServer
Bacterial protein interaction database
BioGRIDBiological General Repository for Interaction Datasets
3DIDDatabase of 3D interacting domains
GpDBDatabase of GPCRs, G-proteins, Effectors and their interactions
DIPDatabase of Interacting Proteins
PiSITEDatabase of Protein interaction SITEs
iMOTdbDatabase of Spatially Interacting Motifs in Proteins
CC+Database of coiled-coil structures
DOMMINODatabase of macromolecular interactions
BindingDBDatabase of measured binding affinities for small, drug-like molecules
TRIPDatabase of protein-protein interactions for mammalian Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels
PIBASEDatabase of structurally defined protein interfaces
MatrixDBDatabase on interactions between extracellular proteins and polysaccharides
DynaSINDynamic Structure Interaction Network
GPCRdbG-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) Database
HotRegionHotRegion: a database of predicted hot spot clusters
GPS-ProtHuman protein-protein interactions (PPI). HIV-1 protein interactions.
ICBSInter-Chain Beta-Sheets
InterEvol database for the analysis of co-evolution events at the interface of protein structures
Interactome Database
JAILInterfaces between protein chains and proteins and nucleic acids
IMExInternational Molecular Exchange Consortium
I2DInterologous Interaction Database of known and predicted mammalian and eukaryotic protein-protein interactions
STRINGKnown and Predicted Protein-Protein Interactions
MIPSMammalian Protein-Protein Interaction Database
IntActMolecular Interaction Database
MINTMolecular Interactions Database
NPIDBNucleic acid - Protein Interaction DataBase
ProtinDBPROTein-protein INterface residues Data Base
ADANPrediction of protein-protein interAction of moDular domAiNs
InterProSurfProtein-Protein Interaction Server
SpiricoilProteins containing coiled coils in genomes
PDBe PISAProteins, Interfaces, Structures and Assemblies
UniHIUnified Human Interactome