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Microscopy resources
3D images of cells at Allen Institute for Cell Science
Blue Brain Cell Atlas - Digital 3D cell atlas of the whole mouse brain
Cell image library
Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive, 3D cryo-EM maps and tomograms
Gallery of images taken with the ioLight portable microscope
Histology Guide
Image and Data Analysis
Interactive Visualization of Fluorescent Protein Properties
Light sheet microscopy for high-resolution 3D imaging
Micropolitan Museum
Microscopy ListServer
Microscopy tutorials and digital image galleries
Nikon's Small World: life as seen through the light microscope
Olympus Microscopy Resources
Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM) is a new super-resolution technique based on standard confocal microscopy extended with an optical (re-scanning) unit that projects the image directly on a CCD- or sCMOS camera.
Scanning Electron Microscopy Gallery
The World of Optical Microscopy